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RE- Blog There’s an Amazing New Type of Wedding Gifting That Won’t Cost Your Guests a Penny

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This blog was written by one of the fab team at Hitched UK  take a read!

by Sophie@hitched
We all know that the cost of attending a wedding can add up: from the hen and stag parties to the accommodation and the outfit.
If you want to take one thing off your family and friends’ minds, how does a wedding gift that doesn’t cost a penny sound?

Prezola, one of the UK’s leading gift list companies, has announced the launch of brand new type of wedding gift which we think is pretty genius!
The concept is called Social Gifting, and was created as a response to the ever-changing lifestyles of engaged couples. Perhaps you live together already and have everything you need? Maybe you’re about to go off on a year-long honeymoon adventure? Bun in the oven?
By adding a social gift to lists on their wedding registry platform, couples can ask guests to promise to do something for them instead of buying them a present.
Not only is this a beautiful way to commemorate the couple’s special day, but it reduces the cost of attending a wedding significantly! We’re sold.

It goes without saying that we’re more conscious than ever before about the things we buy and the money we spend, and with increasingly busy schedules, we often find it difficult to spend as much time as we’d like with family and friends. This is where social gifting comes in!
From volunteering at the couple’s favourite charity to cooking them dinner, couples can create and add social promises to their gift list just as they would a new toaster or a set of knives.
Guests can pledge to look after their pet while they’re on honeymoon, participate in community projects close to the couple’s hearts or help them redecorate their house. There are so many lovely ideas!

Social gifts allow couples to create a list which truly reflects their personalities, as well as reducing the pressure for their guests to spend a lot of money.
Oh, and the fun doesn’t end at choosing your gift – the act of doing it will be as good of an experience for you as it is for the couple in question!
You could even pair your social gift with an experience or money towards their honeymoon fund. The possibilities are endless.
If you love the sound of Social Gifting as much as we do, head to Prezola to get started. Even better, like all of Prezola’s services, it’s completely free of charge


Thank you Sophie- that was truly inspirational



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