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History Of The Venue

Brympton House is at the heart of a magical estate known as Brympton D’Evercy with a history going back over a thousand years…… The oldest building standing today is Castle House which is over 750 years old (and makes a sublime space to tie the knot in!).


The history of Brympton D’Evercy begins when the D’Evercy family arrived in England with William the Conqueror in 1066 and were awarded the Saxon Manor of Brunetone – literally the site of the brown stone. Before the conquest the D’Evercys were noblemen in Normandy and before that almost certainly were Vikings…

The D’Evercys began the building of Castle house and St Andrews Church…but by 1434 the house had been sold to the Sydenham family.

The Sydenhams

The Sydenhams were an energetic bunch – responsible for building both the Tudor wing, and a magical Elizabethan mansion of which only the Great Hall remains…. Elizabethan Brympton did not fall to flood or fire but was pulled down by the Sydenhams to make way for their rather posh 1640 enfilade of State Rooms along the South Front…which were designed to throw a party fit for a king in!

Unluckily for them the cost of building the State Rooms bankrupted the family and the Brympton D’Evercy estate was sold in 1710 to the Fanes.

The Fanes

The Fanes and their successors did not do much in the way of building new bits of Brympton D’Evercy…so there are no careless Victorian additions… Their biggest contribution to the history of the estate was to supply a cast of colourful characters including…..

Lady Georgiana Fane, the unmarried daughter of the Earl of Westmoreland, lived at Brympton d’Evercy with her mother Countess Jane for the majority of her life…she may have died a spinster, but she was far from being a stereotypical Victorian old maid…having refused the hand of the prime minister of the day (Lord Palmerston) whilst conducting a passionate affair with the Duke of Wellington!

The 20th Century

Today the Brympton D’Evercy estate is looked after by a preservation trust

Weddings at Brympton House are looked after by a super friendly crew of wedding specialists, The Castle D’Evercy Wedding Team…

who are committed to making sure that your wedding is beautiful, unique and personal.